DEX Diagnostics Exchange Test Registration

Published 07/25/2023

To access and obtain a DEX Z-Code®, follow the steps below:

Go to the DEX® Diagnostics Exchange Registry:

Under "Register My Organization" select Register as a Lab or Hospital and follow the prompts. You will need to have your organization’s NPI# and CLIA# available. The option to register as a Manufacturer is available for organizations with an FDA approved molecular test for which a Z-Code is applicable.

Please Note: As the registered user for an organization in the DEX Registry, the username is specific to the contact person designated by each laboratory. Please do not forward or share this information. Colleagues within your organization who want to register may apply for a public user account at A public user account allows a view of public information which does not include Z-Codes.

Once the DEX team has successfully reviewed the registration information submitted, you will receive a welcome email with a link to set your password and a "Getting Started" guide with information on using the DEX Registry.

After you have received the email and activated your login, you will have access to add test information.

Within approximately two weeks of adding your test into the DEX Registry, a Z-Code will be assigned to your test(s). You will receive an email notification with your assigned Z-Code(s) once complete. If the DEX team has questions regarding your test submission, we will contact you for additional information.

The assigned Z-Code is not effective for claims until the DEX clinical team has reviewed your test application and assigned a CPT® code. The CPT code you submit with your application is not necessarily the CPT code that will be assigned to your test. You will receive an email notification from DEX customer service when your test has been updated with the assigned CPT code in the DEX Registry.

If your test requires additional forms and documentation for a technical assessment (TA) review, you will receive an email notification with instructions.

For questions, email