Section 2 - Sharing

Published 10/31/2023

Sharing is a feature within the DEX® Diagnostics Exchange Registry that allows a client lab to see their reference laboratory test details, including DEX Z-Code® identifiers and CPT® codes to be used for billing.

Sharing can also be used to obtain DEX Z-Codes and CPT® codes from manufacturers with FDA-cleared/approved tests in the DEX Registry. This is only applicable if the performing lab is using the test within the intended-use labeling (i.e., it is unmodified) and the manufacturer has obtained a Z-Code for their test.

  • If you will be performing the test exactly according to the intended-use labeling, you can "Request Sharing" from the manufacturer that has added the test to view DEX Z-Code identifiers.

How to Make a Sharing Request:
After your organization is registered and your account is active:

  1. Log in to your DEX Diagnostics Exchange Registry account
  2. Select "Labs & Manufacturers" Catalog
  3. Search for any of your reference labs/manufacturers
  4. Click on that lab or manufacturer name link OR
  5. Select the "+" sign to expand a parent organization's individual facilities, find the facility you physically send the specimen for processing (or testing)
  6. Select the "Request Sharing" button at the top right corner
  7. Once your reference lab/manufacturer "approves" your sharing request, you can Search the Lab Tests Catalog by using the lab test code or name
  8. Click on the test to see the Z-Code to be added to your billing claim

How to Manage an Incoming Request:

  1. Log in to your DEX Diagnostics Exchange Registry account
  2. Go to My Organization (click your name upper right corner)
  3. Select the Sharing tab
  4. Review the name of requesting lab
    • If you have a client/billing relationship, select Approve
    • If you do not have a client/billing relationship, select Do Not Approve