Section 1 - Adding Tests

Published 05/06/2022

Log in to your DEX™ Diagnostics Exchange Registry account

If you do not perform the test in your laboratory, you DO NOT need to submit for DEX Z-Code™ assignment. Please proceed to the Sharing section. The following information will aid in successful submission and expedited receipt of your DEX Z-Code identifier(s).

Helpful Hints to get started with Adding Lab Tests:

  • Use the Add Test Worksheet to facilitate understanding the required information for test submission and gathering the test details for data entry
    • NOTE: You must be a registered user in the DEX Registry to access the Add Test Worksheet
    • This worksheet can be found on the DEX Registry home page, located under the action button
  • Please consult with a clinical resource – Medical Director or Clinical Laboratory Scientist from your organization, who has detailed information about the methodology and makeup of the test(s)

During the data entry of your lab test:

  • Use our tooltip icons to obtain further information about a field during your data entry
  • You can save as “draft” if you don’t have all your information and return to complete & submit your lab test for a DEX Z-Code assignment later

NOTE: If your lab has a significant number of tests to enter, we suggest entering less than 5 to start to ensure correct data entry to ease the process.

DEX Z-Code™ Assignments:

  • A DEX Z-Code is assigned to individual orderable tests and/or panels and not to CPT codes