Section 1 - Adding Tests

Published 10/31/2023

NOTE: If you require a Z-Code® for a test sent to a reference laboratory, please proceed to Section 2: Sharing below for instructions.

Log in to your DEX® Diagnostics Exchange Registry account.

The following information will aid in successful submission and expedited receipt of your DEX Z-Code identifier(s):

  • Consult a clinical resource - a Medical Director or Clinical Laboratory Scientist from your organization, who has detailed information about the methodology and makeup of the test(s).
  • DEX Z-Codes are assigned to orderable tests and/or panels, not individual CPT® codes. Please add the tests as they are orderable and do not add separate tests into individual components/genes based on CPT® codes if they are not individually orderable by providers.
  • Use the Add Test Worksheet to facilitate understanding the required information for test submission and gathering the test details for data entry.
    • This worksheet can be found on the DEX home page located above the action button by clicking the link that says 'this worksheet.'
  • When adding a test, hover over the tooltip icons provided for each field to obtain the information required for correct data entry. If the required data is not submitted this will result in delays until the required information is provided.
  • Save as "draft" if you don’t have all your information and return to complete & submit your lab test for a DEX Z-Code assignment later.

NOTE: If your lab has a signficant number of tests to enter, we suggest entering less than 5 to start to ensure correct data entry to ease the process.