1. Program Overview

Published 02/03/2023

The following are frequently asked questions about the DEX™ Diagnostics Exchange Registry and Z-Code™ Program.

DEX is a web-based application designed to identify tests and help establish transparency between providers and payers, using evidence-based coverage determinations. This tool enables labs to confidentially share test information with participating payers online. Labs register as an entity on the platform and submit their tests for review. Please visit https://app.dexzcodes.com/login to login and use the platform.
  • Medicare contractors participating in the MolDX® program:
    • JM, JJ A/B administered by Palmetto GBA
    • JE, JF A/B administered by Noridian Healthcare Solutions
    • J5, J8 A/B administered by WPS Government Health Administrators
    • J15 A/B administered by CGS Administrators, LLC
    • For more information and directions pertaining to the MolDX program, please visit their website at www.palmettogba.com/moldx 
  • Medicare Advantage Programs: Participating payers will direct you to register in DEX and obtain Z-Codes if and when required. Current participating programs:
    • United Healthcare
  • Other payers participating with DEX (Requirements may vary):
    • Medical Mutual of Ohio
    • Fallon Health
    • Blue Cross® and Blue Shield® of North Carolina
Note: Please review applicable payer policies for specific CPT® codes.
Test Group Options CPT Code Range*
MoPath Tier 1 81105-81112, 81120-81121, 81161-81364, 81374, 81377, 81381, 81383
MoPath Tier 2 81400-81408
Genomic Sequencing Procedures 81410-81471, 81493
Unlisted 81479, 81599
MAAA codes 81504-81595, 0004M-0013M, 0016M, 0017M (DNA, RNA based molecular codes only)
PLA codes Molecular codes only
Microbiology Procedure (DNA, RNA based tests only)
Unlisted 87999
Other 87800, 87801

*This list is subject to change.