2. Registration Topics

Published 02/03/2023

The following are frequently asked questions about the DEX™ Diagnostics Exchange Registry and Z-Code™ Program.

Visit the DEX™ Diagnostics Exchange Registry at https://app.dexzcodes.com/ and select ‘Register as a Lab or Hospital’ on the log in page. Complete the registration form to gain access to the DEX™ Registry. If you receive a notification that your organization’s NPI # or CLIA # is already registered, please contact us at DEX.Customer.Service@palmettogba.com for assistance.
An organization can have two registered users. A registered user for an organization gets a username that is specific to the contact person designated by each laboratory. Please do not forward or share this information. Other colleagues within your organization who want to register, may apply for a public user account. A public user account allows viewing of public information, which does not include Z-Codes.
DEX Z-Codes™ are not publicly visible. Public users may register in DEX and view test details that are publicly available which may include coverage and price information assessed by the MolDX program.
Both the performing lab and client lab must register as an organization in DEX™ Registry. Only the performing lab needs to add the test to obtain a Z-Code. The client lab will need an approved sharing request from the reference lab to obtain the Z-Code for the send out test(s). Please review the DEX Sharing FAQs listed here (PDF).