4. Technical Assessment (TA) Evaluation

Published 03/15/2023

The following are frequently asked questions about the DEX™ Diagnostics Exchange Registry and Z-Code™ Program.

If additional documents are needed for the TA, you will be notified by email. Once notified, please submit all completed documentation within 15 calendar days. In general, additional documentation is needed for more complex testing. For example, NGS-based tests require additional documentation and form submission.
We recommend completing all aspects of test validation prior to registering for a Z-Code to prevent delays. If the 15-day deadline is missed, your test will not have demonstrated compliance with relevant standards and by default will not be considered "successful" by most payers. However, you may submit your technical assessment documentation at any time after the deadline for review.”
Please send completed documentation to technical.assessements@palmettogba.com 

Tests will be updated with a TA Result of Not Successful for the following reasons:

  • The TA documentation submitted does not demonstrate analytical validity, clinical validity, and/or clinical utility per established TA evaluation procedures.
  • The requested TA documentation was not received.
  • The type of service submitted has not been established to have medical necessity.

For billing/claims related inquiries, please contact the participating payer.