Evaluation and Management (EM)

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Evaluation and Management (EM) Articles

E/M Weekly Tip: Double DippingE/M Weekly Tip: Diagnosis and Management OptionsE/M Weekly Tip: Review of Systems - 'All Others Negative'E/M Weekly Tip: 1995 Comprehensive ExaminationE/M Weekly Tip: History of Present Illness (HPI) - Negative Findings/ComplaintsE/M Weekly Tip: History Component TypesE/M Weekly Tip: "Incident To" Place of Service (POS) 19 or 22E/M Weekly Tip: Discharge Services - Patient ExpiredE/M Weekly Tip: Ancillary StaffE/M Weekly Tip: History Component - History of Present IllnessE/M Weekly Tip: General DocumentationE/M Weekly Tip: Drug Therapy Requiring Intensive Monitoring (Table of Risk)E/M Weekly Tip: Hospital Visit and Critical Care on Same DayE/M Weekly Tip: Separate Elements of the HistoryE/M Weekly Tip: Cloning - Chief Complaint (CC), History of Present Illness (HPI), Review of Systems (ROS) and ExaminationE/M Weekly Tip: Laboratory, Radiology and Other Diagnostic Test FindingsE/M Weekly Tip: CloningE/M Weekly Tip: History Component - Chief Complaint Use of 'Follow-Up'E/M Weekly Tip: History Component - Use of DiagnosesE/M Weekly Tip: Emergency Department ConsultationsE/M Weekly Tip: Significant, Separately Identifiable Evaluation and Management ServiceE/M Weekly Tip: Medical NecessityE/M Weekly Tip: Drugs Requiring Intensive Monitoring (Coumadin)E/M Weekly Tip: Split/Shared Visits - Skilled Nursing Facility/Nursing FacilityE/M Weekly Tip: Documentation Provided by StudentsE/M Weekly Tip: Counseling/Coordination Documentation RequirementsE/M Weekly Tip: Completing DocumentationE/M Weekly Tip: Medical Necessity and Reasonable/NecessaryE/M Weekly Tip: Type of Data-Pulse OximetryE/M Weekly Tip: Billing Observation or Inpatient Care Services (Including Admission and Discharge Services)E/M Weekly Tip: Diagnosis and Management Options - New ProblemE/M Weekly Tip: New Patient CodesE/M Weekly Tip: Combined BillingE/M Weekly Tip: ExaminationE/M Weekly Tip: Counseling and/or Coordination of CareE/M Weekly Tip: Documentation Requirements for Teaching PhysiciansE/M Weekly Tip: Prolonged Care Time RequirementE/M Weekly Tip: Documentation of Prolonged CareE/M Weekly Tip: General PrinciplesE/M Weekly Tip: Examination Component - Abnormal FindingsE/M Weekly Tip: History Component - Interval HistoryE/M Weekly Tip: Discharge Services - Date of ServiceE/M Weekly Tip: Injections and InfusionsE/M Weekly Tip: History Component 'Unable to Obtain'E/M Weekly Tip: Drugs Requiring Intensive Monitoring (Insulin Drip)E/M Weekly Tip: Medical Decision-Making - ComplexityE/M Weekly Tip: Review of Old Records and Past, Family and Social History (PFSH) from OthersE/M Weekly Tip: 1995 Examination (Combining)E/M Weekly Tip: Unable to Obtain (Examination)E/M Weekly Tip: Counseling/Coordination Office SettingE/M Weekly Tip: Hospital and Nursing Facility Discharge Services as They Relate to TimeE/M Weekly Tip: History of Present Illness (HPI) - Multiple ComplaintsE/M Weekly Tip: An E/M on the Same Day as PsychotherapyE/M Weekly Tip: Risk of Significant Complications, Morbidity and/or Mortality (Risk Assessment)E/M Weekly Tip: Chief ComplaintMACtoberfest: Things They Are A'changin' - January 2021 WebinarInitial Hospital Services Procedural CodesNew Patient Office Visits ModuleEvaluation and Management Coding ReminderE/M Comparative Billing Reports: Peer Code ComparisonTransitional Care Management ServicesManagement Options: Drug Therapy Requiring Intensive Monitoring for ToxicityScribesNew Patient Evaluation and Management Codes: Correct Claim SubmissionAdvanced Care Planning: CPT CodesEvaluation and Management (E/M) Coding Reminder: Group PracticesSubsequent Hospital CareMedical Decision-Making ComponentNews You Can Use: New Patient Office VisitsThe Levels of E/M Services Are Based on Four History ComponentsEvaluation and Management Services: Principles of Medical Record DocumentationTeaching Physician Documentation in the Era of Electronic Medical Records (EMR)Professional Services Where Time is a Primary FactorCritical Care Services and the Medical Necessity ComponentNew Patient Visits by the Same Physician or Physician Group2021 Medicare Final Rule: Evaluation and Management ChangesSelection of Level of E/M Service Based on Duration of Coordination of Care and/or CounselingExamination Component of 1995 and 1997 Documentation GuidelinesEvaluation and Management (E/M) Services in the Domiciliary or Rest Home EnvironmentNursing Facility ServicesNew Patient E/M EditPsychotherapy ServicesCritical Care Services - IntroductionMedical Record CloningCritical Care Billing (Time and Nonphysician Practitioners)Evaluation and Management Services Guide, CMS MLN ProductGeneral Ophthalmological Services vs. Evaluation and Management (E/M) CodesE/M Weekly Tip: Review of Systems; and Past, Family and Social History - Obtained During an Earlier EncounterE/M Weekly Tip: Signatures (Ancillary Staff - 'Incident to')